Pre-arranged Funeral Plans

Our sister company, Memoria Funerals, are able to offer a range of low cost pre-paid funeral plans, including direct cremation and attended funeral services.

A funeral plan aims to ease decision making for your family at the time of need and help to reduce the financial responsibility that comes with having to organise a funeral. By taking out a funeral plan, you will have made all of your wishes known and taken care of the cost of the services included in your funeral plan.

Funeral plans from Memoria Funerals:

  • A range of funeral plans which include direct cremation and attended services,
  • Attended service funeral plans starting from £1,894,
  • Funeral plans are guaranteed for the services noted in the plan,
  • You can make your personal wishes known,
  • We aim to create a seamless and efficient process when the time comes.

For complete details of services and prices offered please visit the Memoria Funerals web site.

Things to consider

As well as looking at the benefits of and advantages of taking out a funeral plan, its important to consider the following aspects:

  • If a funeral is expected soon, it may not be worthwhile to take out a pre-paid plan,
  • Depending on your chosen payment method, you may end up paying in more than the plan value,
  • Some funeral plan may restrict the date and time of the funeral,
  • If you decide to change your payment method after purchase, there may be additional costs,
  • Depending on your payment method, you may not be fully covered until two years of continuous payments.

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